This year’s SMB Preday Seminar is on Build Your Brand Through Successful, Profitable Service Delivery. It will be 100% practical and up to date

Topic One – Brand Development and Implementation in the Small Consulting Business
Topic Two – Brand Management and Maintenance in the Small Consulting Business

This year’s SMB Preday seminar will include some “workshop” sessions to help you get started building your processes and branding.

Branding is much more than marketing. We’ll look at branding from several angles, including both internal processes and the face you present to clients and prospects.

I guarantee you’ve never see a seminar like this in the Small Business consulting community!

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PreDay – Drumbeat

Join Margie Gradwohl and Gabe Long as they kick off the Drumbeat Sales Readiness motion and talk about pitching, licensing, and overcoming objections. While we will only cover 3 of the 10 topics, we’ll be at the ready to answer questions on any topics in the Drumbeat motion. We’ll also cover the opportunity that 2016 has for you as partners in reconnecting with your customers and generating additional revenue.




Avoid the lines and crazieness of registration on Friday, and join us for pre-day registration at the Redmond Marriott Residence Inn Town Center from 5:30pm-7:30pm.



Welcome Reception

Come Jam with us! Kick off your 2015 Fall Conference at the Welcome Reception hosted by Microsoft. Enjoy food and drinks, as well as network with peers as you get the opportunity to chat with the Microsoft Team. We also know we have a lot of talented musician in the group, and wanted to encourage you to bring your instruments and Jam with us on the patio around the fire during the party.



Opening Session: You’ve Rebooted, Now It’s Time to PUSH IT…PUSH IT HARD!
Speaker: Harry Brelsford

You got the memo and gave it at the office. This disruptive era has led to radical business transformations. Now what? More than ever, it’s time to find a skip in your step and take the steps two at a time. In short – it’s NOW TIME with Office 365, Windows 10 and Azure. Wanna graduate to the next highest rung on the career ladder? Cancel all vacations and get it on. This motivational speech is your roadmap for the next year in IT. A wee bit of hard work now will yield significant technical and business benefits later.


KEY-01: Evolving with Microsoft Office 365
Speaker: Tanuj Bansal

Productivity is evolving and the speed of change is rapidly increasing. We will hear from Tanuj Bansal, Director of Partner Marketing at Microsoft discuss how the role of Partners is evolving with Office 365.


KEY-02: Building a Profitable and Scalable Cloud Business
Speaker: Dan Shapero

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, cloud computing is profoundly shifting the way businesses operate. As more SMBs are moving to a cloud-based strategy, new growth opportunities are opening up for channel partners seeking a competitive advantage in the channel. This session will examine the latest trends impacting SMBs and how they present unique opportunities for channel partners.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how leveraging Office 365, among other best practices can help build a successful cloud business.
  • Gain exclusive IDC research on the latest trends fueling channel success in cloud.
  • Explore how Ingram Micro’s automated Cloud Marketplace empowers channel partners to provision, bundle, invoice, manage, and support cloud solutions including Office 365 through Microsoft CSP with greater ease and efficiency.
  • Discover ways to improve topline revenue, business practices, and operational agility simply by leveraging Ingram Micro’s premier channel program, Cloud Elevate.
  • Get elevated through premium Ingram Micro offerings.


KEY-03: Building a Profitable Cloud Management Practice
Speaker: Chris Rayner

Learn how increasing Cloud adoption activates more opportunities for you to provide managed technical services for your customers and thereby increase your profitability. In this session, you will be introduced to some of the key new technologies both customers and partners have requested to keep pace with growing demand. The session will also discuss products from SkyKick, that are designed to help build successful cloud businesses by making it easy and efficient for IT providers to migrate, backup and manage their customers in the cloud.



Azure-501: Moving Applications to Azure
Speaker: Grant Thompson

Learn from one of Microsoft’s most trusted partners how to move applications to Azure and what the implications are. Direct access? A virtual machine container? Issues with compatibility? Plus a few secrets along the way like reduced costs Azure resources via BizSpark and MPN.


AZURE-502: Understanding Microsoft Cloud Identities
Speaker: Robert Crane

Azure Active Directory is the identity solution that powers most of Microsoft’s online products such as Office 365. This session will explain to you the differences between the different Azure AD offerings and help you understand what is included with Office 365. You’ll learn how to use the Azure AD that comes with Office 365 to create an Office 365 user self-service password reset portal, tenant branding and a single sign portal for a range of web based applications. Most importantly you’ll learn what the differences are between on premises AD and Azure AD and how to make then work together and make identity management easier.


Azure- 503: Introduction to Azure
Speaker: Tom Moen

With the growing demands placed on IT many organizations are turning to Azure Cloud Services to improve speed, flexibility and decrease cost. In this sessions you will learn what is driving the growth of Azure and how you can benefit from the only end-to-end cloud platform designed specifically to meet stringent security, compliance, and regulatory controls such as CJIS, HIPAA, IRS1075, and others. In this sessions we’ll look at key scenarios for leveraging Azure to gain rapid scale and flexibility and discuss how others are successfully using Microsoft Azure to extend or replace their own data centers. We’ll talk about how you, as a partner can be front and center in this process and how you can migrate static resources to Azure resources that scale up and down with your customers’ needs. Oh yeah, several key demos will be delivered.


Azure-504: Azure Deep Dive and Demozilla
Speaker: Tom Moen

Let’s take a deep dive into Azure and look at why Azure is compelling. How you can successfully demonstrate Azure with your customers which will not only generate new business for you but also place you at the forefront of being their trusted advisor. We’ll introduce how to:

  • Quickly spin up Virtual Machines and SQL instances
  • Easily deploy storage or back up an application
  • Rapidly develop and deploy a web application
  • Deploy a Cloud Service with Visual Studio with web worker roles
  • Leverage the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) to address challenges with mobile device & app proliferation



BUS-501: Expertise Marketing: Tap into a Free Source for Business-Growing Capital
Speaker: Patrick Houston

You have a source of growth funding that’s better than a bank account, business loan, or any other similar source. It’s the very same — but grossly under-utilized — asset on which your entire business already rests: Your expertise. But putting your intellectual capital to work doesn’t have to mean a huge additional investment of time and effort. You don’t need to write a book, publish a white paper, post an endless series of blogs, or go on a promotional tour to become a self-proclaimed ‘thought leader.’ Instead, you can participate in a knowledge marketplaces where you can market your business in the most meaningful of ways for the time it takes to answer an email. It’s called Expertise Marketing!



BUS-502: Migrations
Speaker: Karl Palachuk

Let’s be honest, anyone can perform a network migration WITH downtime. You simply kick everyone off the system, put the client out of business for some period of time, and push through until you’re done.
Without downtime is another story. Without downtime, you can do network migrations during the workweek.
The client doesn’t have to ever send people home because of you. You can work when 3rd party support is available.
You don’t have to pay overtime. You look like a hero! Now includes the complete checklist for Windows Server 2003 EOS!


BUS-503: Lead Generation/Management/Scoring Panel

This interactive session serves as a Q&A session for you to ask questions, dig deep into understand lead generation approaches, managing leads in your CRM/PSA system and engaging in basic scoring behaviors. For example, exactly what is lead scoring? (Spoiler alert: whatever you want it to be). Bottom line. If you can’t grow fast enough organically by well-deserved referrals, you need to engage in lead generation activities.



BUS-504: Lead Generation via Attraction Marketing
Speaker: Scott Cayoutte  Harry Brelsford

Social is changing the way that business works today. It is fast becoming the de facto method of working for employees entering the workplace and it is something that is now part of Office 365 via Yammer. However, what is Yammer? What can it do? How do you make the best use of it even for small businesses. This session will take you through the basics and help you firstly understand why implanting social into a business is so important and then how to use the tools and abilities of Yammer via Office 365 to achieve this for clients. Collaborating is key for smart business in the future and this course will arm you with the knowledge to take advantage of this and be an expert in the field.



BUS-505: Death Star Lead Generation System: Hear the Queen of Mean & Lean teach you how to get the GREEN!”
Speaker: Grace Schroeder

I often see that customers still don’t know how to use modern technologies to accelerate their businesses. What do you your clients are most capable to offer as a value add to the modern technologies that are out there? Simple stuff, like learning how to operate MailChimp, Unbounce, and WordPress are huge value adds to any organization.



BUS-506: Tracking Leads for 90-days
Speaker: Harry Brelsford

Join this group as they discuss the behaviors, activities and tasks associated with tracking client leads through the pipeline over a 90-day period. You will learn how to develop a call/e-mail cadence that approaches the yellow line of annoyance but doesn’t cross. Why having a multi-touch reach out approach is essential to driving more client closings faster. How to discriminate what leads are worth tracking and pursuing over a 9-day sales cycle. And much more. There will be plenty of time for your questions.



BUS-507: How To Get Gigs Given To You!
Speaker: Stephen Holt
This is way beyond leads. This is actual bona fide gigs handed to you that start immediately and pay quickly. Discover how Mr. Holt pivoted his business model from finder, minder, grinder to just doing the work. No longer does he have to pursue customers or manage clients. He simply leverages online labor markets and completes the assignments he wants to when he wants to. We call him the modern MSP and his behavior directly maps to the new workplace of one worker and many employers. Mr. Holt has completed hundreds of assignments arbitrating multiple online labor markets and has made a fantastic low-stress living out of it.



O365-501: Identity management/SSO: This is HUGE!
Speaker: Robert Crane

There is more to identity with Office 365 and Azure than just logging into a web page. There is also the ability to implemented synchronized and federated identity that integrates Office 365 with local on premises solutions like Active Directory to allow single sign on. Configuring these options is relatively straight forward once you understand the model and know what the right option is for you. This session will provide you with a deep dive into the Microsoft identity options and how to configure each one. It will cover products such as DIRSYNC, AD SYNC Services, AD Connect and even Yammer DIRSYNC!



O365-502: Real-World SharePoint … A Few Good Deployments
Speaker: Jeff Shuey

SharePoint can do a lot of things. As an out-of-the-box (OOTB) product there are a lot of solutions that can be developed. But, there is an entire partner ecosystem that has grown up around and with SharePoint. These partners can make your SharePoint deployments more efficient, easier to use and often times more cost effective.

This session will highlight a few real-world deployments and will talk about some of the challenges related to OOTB functionality and how partners have filled gaps to add extended capabilities for things like scanning paper documents, adding workflow processes, declaring records and storing content for long term archiving. Customers in every market segment often end up needing one or more of these to provide a complete solution.

This is a business oriented session and will not dive into the details of how to configure SharePoint or how to integrate partner solutions. Attendees are encouraged to bring their ideas and business challenges. With time permitting we will talk about possibilities for building out your own Real-World SharePoint deployment.



O365-503: Lync Sucked! Skype for Business Rocks!
Speaker: Greg Plum

As we all know, Microsoft embarked on a rebranding initiative rendering the Lync moniker obsolete, and the ubiquitous Skype brand as the anchor of the conferencing and collaboration suite of services. What does this mean for partners? How will the service itself be impacted?At this stage, there are more unknowns than knowns. What we do know is that Skype is the most widely used communication tool on the planet, accounting for over one third of all global voice traffic. With the introduction of Lync, Microsoft successfully eclipsed Cisco in the unified communications space, with the majority of the adoption at the enterprise level. Since most of us in the channel focus our efforts on the SMB market, an audience that has already embraced Skype, we can anticipate increased interest in the newly branded Skype for Business.

In this session, we will provide an overview of the features available to your customers, including PSTN capabilities. More importantly, we will uncover how you can leverage Skype for Business to increase your monthly recurring revenue. You won’t want to miss it!



O365-504: Across the Aisle: Mac, et al.
Speaker: Robert Crane

The Office 365 environment has become less about only Windows devices and now more about embracing the devices where people need to be productive. But how does Office 365 accessibility compare to the incumbent PC offerings in other ecosystems? This session will show you how Office 365 on non-Windows devices is just as important as what’s available on PCs. This means examining the solutions for Mac, iOS, Android and more. Come along and learn how much can be done with Office 365 on ANY device!



O365-505: Enterprise Social is not an Oxymoron — Understanding the Value of Social in the Enterprise (and SMBs)
Speaker: Jeff Shuey

Office 365 certification and pathways revealed in this session. Discover why getting certified as an IT Pro validates your Office 365 expertise. Tips, tricks and secrets for specific exams. Pointers to no cost resources.



O365-507: Office 365 Migrations
Speaker: Grant Thompson

Migration of an organization’s core services (e-mail, storage and collaboration) is not something to take lightly. This session is devoted to discussing migration management. We will cover pitfalls, risk management and best practices – all related to migration.



O365-510: Office 365 security, privacy and compliance
Speaker: Robert Crane

This session will show you how Office 365 keeps data safe in the cloud. You’ll learn what controls there are to tune tenant security settings and how to use them effectively. The session will cover security, privacy and compliance in Office 365 which are key for verticals like financial services, healthcare, government, etc.



O365-512 Skype for Business: Voice Options
Speaker: Greg Plum

There is no denying the power of Skype for Business in getting the attention of all in the IT / telecom worlds. But, how can it be leveraged to become a hosted PBX and comprehensive UC solution?
Skype for Business’ predecessor, Lync, has become a platform that most voice providers seek to leverage for delivering a seamless communications solution for companies and organizations of all sizes. PSTN compatibility includes fully-integrated enterprise voice, as well as integration of third-party, hosted, voice platforms via APIs. What is the difference and which is right for your customers?
We will also touch on additional service enhancements, including hybrid conference bridge integration, cloud recording and management, and large webinar “overlays”, making meetings more accessible and scalable than possible with the native service alone.




WIN-501: Upgrading to Windows 10

This session will take you through Windows 10 upgrades, end-to-end as well as take you to a deep technical level. You’ll learn about upgrade scenarios, limitations, troubleshooting, new migration tools, and much more. This session is filled with tips, tricks, and live demos.



WIN-502: Windows 10: On-prem vs Cloud

Windows 10 brings a huge change when it comes to joining the trusted environment. How does the virtualization of the join change the security paradigm that we got so used to over the past decade? What happens to single sign-on and management of the workplace? Where are the new boundaries of the virtualized territory? How did Windows 10 just change the landscape? You’ll be surprised by the new opportunities! Join this session to learn about the new features that Windows 10 and Windows Azure are bringing.



WIN-503: Supporting Windows 10

This session will cover New Features of Windows 10, Microsoft Account, Start Menu, Universal Windows app, and an array of Windows 10 support items.



WIN-504 Riding the big data wave with Excel and Power BI
Speaker: Robert Crane

Big data is one of fastest growing IT segments thanks to the dawn of the Internet of Things (IoT). However, data alone does not provide business value. The value proposition comes by turning data into information using tools like Excel and Power BI. This session will show you how to quickly and easily use the advanced features of Excel such as Pivot Tables, Power Query, Power Maps and more. It will then show you how to pull data from various common sources into Power BI and create eye popping interactive dashboards that no customer can resist. It will highlight the business opportunity for data analysis and reporting that is now available from the tools provided with every Office 365 subscription. You’ll learn how to create unique IP around business intelligence that will mean more money in your pocket as the demand for data analysis grows in every segment of the market.



CS-101: Top 10 Office 365 Support Topics

Join this session to learn about the top 10 support issues that SMB customers hit and how to quickly solve them. Microsoft’s Support organization will join to talk about what they are seeing from customers and we’ll be able to talk through common issues that you see.



CS-102 Bring Unified Communications to the Cloud Work Environment with RingCentral for Office 365
Speaker: Timothy Renollet

A mass migration is coming! It’s not a Barbarian Invasion or the Gold Rush; it’s users adopting Office 365 with upwards of 670 million potential Office Suite users. RingCentral’s complete cloud communications system readily integrates with the most relevant cloud solutions like Office 365. Seamlessly blend Unified Communications and collaboration into your customer’s cloud work environment without the need to toggle between applications. Learn about the market opportunity, how the integration works, and why you need to bring RingCentral to your customers. Afterwards, visit booth #28 to become a RingCentral partner.



CS-103: Office 365 Administration Experience for Partners

The administration of your customers can be confusing. What tools do you use? How do you troubleshoot? Join this session to deep dive into how you as a partner can manage your customers without having individual logins to each customer account.



CS-104: The Rise of Cloud Vertical-ization
Speaker: Scott Paul

As platforms continue to mature, and more organizations are drawn to the financial and management benefits, cloud is spurring interest from even those industries that have been hesitant. Think of those most beset with regulation, compliance and privacy: banking & finance, healthcare, legal, and others. As an IT pro, have you defined specific cloud service offerings for the vertical markets you serve? Organizations need help navigating the security and compliance hurdles they face, and cloud service providers are delivering more features, certifications and tools to help them. Managed service providers who bring these needs and resources together to create well-defined, compelling packages that are easy to implement are delivering real innovation and value.



CS-106 CloudApp Security for Office 365
Speaker: Terry Park

As you move to cloud-based enterprise applications like Office 365, you need to be extra vigilant about security. While Office 365 includes built-in security features, many organizations are looking to supplement the platform with advanced controls to detect hidden and targeted threats which could ultimately result in a costly data breach. Email is the primary method of attacks but collaboration tools like OneDrive and SharePoint can also be used to spread malware.

Trend Micro™ Cloud App Security enhances Office 365 with advanced threat protection controls to help you communicate and collaborate more confidently in the cloud.



CS-107 VendorFest Panel – The Third Leg of the stool
Don’t forget that the ISVs, OEMs and Microsoft itself are a critical part of the Office 365, Windows 10 and Azure ecosystem. In this annual panel, this is your chance to engage with the vendor community – good, bad and ugly! As they say – feedback if the breakfast of champions. so make ’em eat!


CS-108: Make Money with Mobile Apps from Day One
Speaker: Bob Nitrio

Mobile apps have become a dominant factor in today’s computing environment but there are three huge barriers to entry in this field. NOW THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!

Learn how you can get in the mobile app business, become a thought leader with your clients and do so with absolutely no barriers to entry. Discover how you can provide mobile apps profitably from your very first sale. See how an innovative approach to mobile app delivery can move you into a blue ocean of profitability through recurring sales or on an MSP basis.



CS-109: Introducing the Hybrid IT sales program with Zynstra, HP and D&H
Speaker: Nick East
This is an opportunity for fast moving MSP’s to access an Early Adopter Program that will drive business in your SMB and enterprise multi-site accounts.

Zynstra and HP have partnered to deliver enterprise-grade hybrid IT as a service, enabling your customers to choose the right blend of local and cloud IT, without the need for upfront capital costs.

We deliver our service through D&H and would like to invite you to learn more about the Early Adopter Program that commences November 1st. We have a variety of incentives and offers only available to Early Adopter partners and look forward to seeing you on Saturday.



CS-110: 5 proven steps to maximize cloud sales to the SMB market
Speaker: Darrin Swan
Keeping up with the pace of market change can be confusing and times, mind-numbing. How do your prioritize and properly allocate resources to launch new offerings effectively, without disruption of your existing offerings and core business? How do you create a unifying go-to-market strategy with solutions messaging that resonates with customers and differentiates from your competition? How do you ensure you contain and reduce operating and support costs to properly scale to avoid potential business catastrophe and position your business for high-growth?

Join our session to learn about a proven 5-step approach from Dell’s collective knowledge and experience working with some of the smallest and largest cloud service providers from around the world. It’s time to lean into the market and deliver on your customers new cloud experience and buying expectations.



Watch for more Sessions to be added soon!