Melanie Gass


Melanie Gass
President of CenterPoint Solution

Melanie Gass is the President of CenterPoint Solution, a technology firm. Her firm focuses on providing Microsoft productivity solutions through training and consulting to corporations worldwide.

She has been an expert in Microsoft products since 1998, and has helped thousands of employees worldwide learn how to use the computer effectively. She works with both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Melanie is not only an expert on the products, but her training and consulting methods makes her widely recognized and given her the title of “Microsoft’s Princess.”

Melanie serves on Microsoft’s advisory board for its Community Courseware, and is an author of numerous Microsoft product reference guides for Microsoft’s clients, her own clients, and the general public. She is also a featured radio show host syndicated on Blog Talk Radio.

Also, congratulations to Melanie and her company for making the feature in this month’s issue of CIO Review! Read the article here.

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